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The PicPublisher photograph ranking formula is amazing!

And your question is...?

Obviously we take pride in our ranking system.

A lot of thought has gone into the five categories: Originality, Aesthetic Appeal, Technique, Professionalism, and Difficulty of shot. A lot of thought also went into the value of each category, with Aesthetic Appeal weighted most highly at 25 of the possibly 50 points.

Aesthetic Appeal was given a high value because we believe that how much you like the look, the feel, and the style of the picture is the most important. It is hard quantify that or to break it up into categories and we wanted to let you decide just how appealing each picture really is.

The reason you likely are so fond of our ranking formula is that this site was designed by people who are passionate about photography. That should resonate throughout the site, and we are glad you enjoy this aspect of it.

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