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Isn't this just like another Flickr (photo uploading site)?

I, PicPublisher, will ask you a question:

"Can you make money on Flickr?"

I shall answer for you... "No!"

Obviously, that is a major difference. But there are other differences. PicPublisher gives you feedback on your pictures in five categories: Originality, Aesthetic Appeal, Technique, Professionalism, and Difficulty of shot. While, the highest ranked photos are shown first in their categories and win a cash prize monthly, knowing what people think about your pictures is invaluable.

Pictures are also organized by regions of the world, allowing you to easily discover the absolute best (most highly ranked!) pictures at PicPublisher. You now can see the most majestic views, without ever having to climb a step!

But back to the money - PicPublisher also pays you to rank photographs with its unique ranking formula.

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