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Isn't this just like another Facebook (social networking site)?

No! Facebook and MySpace are driven by people/friend pictures. The drunken group picture is far more popular than the artistically designed shot.

PicPublisher is more of a stomping ground for artistically motivated people, as opposed to those simply trying to remember their last night out.

Here pictures are ranked in five categories: Originality, Aesthetic Appeal, Technique, Professionalism, and Difficulty of shot. The highest ranked photos are shown first in their categories and win a cash prize monthly.

PicPublisher pays you to rank photographs with its unique ranking formula.

PicPublisher allows you to sell one-time, non-exclusive picture use to those who are interested in your picture.

PicPublisher gives you a publicly accessible personal url for your PicPublisher portfolio. Often, you and your work will appear on Google and other popular search engines.

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